The Legend of Bruce Lee

The Legend of Bruce Lee

30 Episodes

The young and talented martial artist Bruce Lee is forced to leave Hong Kong for America.

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The Legend of Bruce Lee
  • Don't Fear Failure

    Episode 1

    Often the target of bullying, Bruce Lee longs to study martial arts and become strong.

  • Knowing is Not Enough

    Episode 2

    Bruce begins to train seriously in martial arts under the guidance of Master Ye.

  • Bruce Lee: The Boxer

    Episode 3

    Bruce joins his school's boxing team and is determined to become a champion.

  • Fighting the Featherweight

    Episode 4

    In Bruce's highly anticipated match against David Koffer, much more than a boxing title is at stake.

  • Defeat is a State of Mind

    Episode 5

    The notorious Wang Lichao pays Bruce a visit, bringing trouble for him and his family.

  • Home of the Brave

    Episode 6

    A new chapter in Bruce's life begins as he moves to America with his uncle.

  • The New Kid

    Episode 7

    Bruce decides to showcase kung fu at an upcoming school festival.

  • The Successful Warrior

    Episode 8

    Karate teacher Kimura develops a great amount of respect for Bruce and asks to train under him.

  • Empty Your Mind

    Episode 9

    Bruce is asked to give a lecture on the theories behind Chinese martial arts.

  • Coals of Love

    Episode 10

    Bruce takes notice of an intelligent girl, Linda, who also shares his interest in kung fu.

  • Man of Iron

    Episode 11

    Still reeling from defeat, Bruce challenges Yamamoto to a rematch—but must defeat the Iron Man first

  • US Boxing

    Episode 12

    Bruce's former classmate Blair moves to the US and introduces Bruce to his former boxing coach.

  • Challenging the Citizens

    Episode 13

    Bruce puts a sign outside his school to attract challengers from different martial arts disciplines.

  • Pleasing the Parents

    Episode 14

    Bruce's relationship with Linda is tested when he meets her disapproving mother.

  • California Karate Competition

    Episode 15

    Bruce joins the esteemed California Karate Competition and meets his new rival, Mr. Hoffman.

  • A Good Teacher

    Episode 16

    Bruce wants to establish his Kung Fu School in Oakland as soon as possible.

  • Kung Fu Schooling

    Episode 17

    The president of the Chinese Kung Fu Association is offended when Bruce builds a school in his area.

  • Homecoming

    Episode 18

    After receiving urgent news concerning his father, Bruce returns to China.

  • End of an Era

    Episode 19

    Uncertain if he'll be able to work again, Bruce decides to close down the Kung Fu School

  • Together as Family

    Episode 20

    Linda finally brings Brandon back to live with her and Bruce.

  • Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris

    Episode 21

    Bruce enters the US Karate Competition to compete against his newest rival, Chuck Norris.

  • Mr. Hollywood

    Episode 22

    Bruce has his sights set on Hollywood and begins his career in film.

  • Master Lee

    Episode 23

    Bruce takes on a high profile celebrity, Douglas, as his apprentice.

  • Lee Family Vacation

    Episode 24

    When Bruce, Linda, and Brandon go to visit Bruce's family in China, Master Ye feels betrayed.